Our Facilities

As a leading provider of maintenance services for passenger and cargo aircraft in Germany, we strive for the highest efficiency and provide excellent value for money.  Airlines from all over the world rely on our services, which fully comply with all safety standards. 

Since 2008, HAITEC has been providing line and base maintenance at our hangar at Hahn Airport (HHN). In response to growing demand and opportunities, HAITEC revealed a significant investment plan in 2014 to expand our capacities and optimize our flexibility.

This expansion strategy included the opening of our HAITEC VIP branch dedicated to VIP and business jets at Erfurt Airport (ERF), as well as the construction of a second hangar at Hahn Airport adjacent to our existing hangar.

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Hangar 900@Hahn Airport
New Hangar@Hahn Airport
HAITEC VIP Hangar@Erfurt Airport