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Mission Statement

HAITEC Aircraft Maintenance GmbH is a leading provider of maintenance services for passenger and cargo aircraft in Germany. Airlines from all over the world rely on our high-quality services that fully comply with all safety standards, provided by excellent value for money.

We have the necessary national and international approvals and certificates for almost all types of aircraft. Our employees are continually trained and educated to give you flexibility, quality and safety.

Our location at Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) in the heart of Europe gives both us and our customers a significant number of cost advantages. HAITEC is therefore able to offer rates that are internationally competitive.


Our vision is to be accepted and recognised as a leading supplier of maintenance services worldwide, based on the provision of flexible, high-quality maintenance services that adhere to all safety standards at a reasonable rate while adopting a policy of transparent and honest communication with our customers.



At HAITEC we maintain an open, cooperative and above all respectful policy of leadership. The loyalty, experience and commitment of our employees form the foundation of our success, enabling us to achieve our strategic objectives. Our staff are the guarantee of quality and safety in all that we do!


Quality, safety, On-Time-Delivery and trust are the most important hallmarks of our success in working with our customers. Honest communication with clients, transparency and maximum flexibility are essential components in a successful customer relationship. Our flexible company structure allows us to offer a range of services that bears comparison with any international pricing scheme. We give our customers quality work at all levels that is "Made in Germany". And we’re proud to do so!