New Hangar 901 @ Hahn Airport

We commenced services in the new hangar adjacent to our existing Hangar 900 at the beginning of 2017. HAITEC is now in a position to offer its customers high flexibility to plan their checks in advance and a greater selection of slots.

Total Area: About 16.000 sqm, including a modern warehouse,
sophisticated shops (sheet metal shop, composite, avionic, battery, apprentice)
and a two-story office complex
Largest aircraft:1x A380 or 2x B777-300

If you are interested in slots and services, please contact 

Sales Team

Phone: +49 (0)6543 50 7610



49° 56’ 47.9”
7° 16’ 9.2"

Runway Length: 3,5 km / 2,2 miles
Distances to:
Berlin 515 km
Leipzig 390 km
Frankfurt 100 km



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