Category B1 Practical Training

A320 B1 CFM56

Duration  Number of Participants Price Theoretical Training
10 Days Maximum 12 on request Click here
Target Group: EASA Part-66 category B1 or other maintenance staff.
Engine Type: CFM56


This course corresponds to the theoretical course and enables participants to gain competence in practical Line and Base Maintenance, using a structured learning process. The training will be conducted on the aircraft, in maintenance facilities and in the classroom. 


Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Apply the relevant safety precautions
  • Identify and apply aircraft technical documentation
  • Name, identify and locate aircraft system Components
  • Perform normal operation of aircraft systems
  • Perform the servicing and ground handling
  • Perform system operational tests and on-board maintenance system supported tests
  • Carry out routine thorough visual inspections
  • Describe component removal / installation procedures unique to the aircraft type
  • Determine aircraft airworthiness in accordance with MEL/CDL, and explain maintenance procedures according to the minimum equipment list (MEL)
  • Correlate information for the purpose of making decisions in respect to fault diagnosis and rectification


  • EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance License category B1.
  • Successful completion of the theoretical course on relevant aircraft type.
  • Previous practical experience of aircraft/ engine of comparable construction and system.


Practical training will be documented in the Practical Training Report. Practical assessment will be conducted and assigned as “passed” or “not passed”.